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Connected, but alone? -Sherry Turkle

Mobile technology allows us to stay connected while on the move. We can automatically receive breaking news, access up-to-date weather forecasts, send and receive emails, play internet-connected video games, listen to music or watch music videos, and stay connected...read more


Self-care check-in.

Self-care is one of those buzzwords that has been thrown around quite a bit the past few years. But what is self-care, and what does it look like? In short, it is the awareness of one’s needs and the...read more

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Relationships during the quarantine

COVID-19, and the resulting shelter-in-place, has thrust a majority of the world into spending almost the entirety of their days within their homes. The resulting constant close physical proximity to roommates, partners, and family adds stress to the already...read more

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Our resilience. The Return to Normal Fantasy as Coping.

I found this brief interview with social psychologist Dr. Jeff Greenberg to be helpful in describing the use of the fantasy to “return to normal” (as a result of the coronavirus) as adaptive coping. Specifically, practical ways in which...read more