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Relationships during the quarantine

Posted on: June 10th, 2020 by Lysa Eastman

COVID-19, and the resulting shelter-in-place, has thrust a majority of the world into spending almost the entirety of their days within their homes. The resulting constant close physical proximity to roommates, partners, and family adds stress to the already uncertain nature of the pandemic. Naturally, this places strain on relationships and is ripe for conflict. This article by Dr. Lisa Firestone provides four strategies, and examples of how they can be applied in a relationship. I have also listed an example for each strategy that comes to mind for me or that I have utilized over the past three months. https://www.psychalive.org/ways-to-improve-your-relationship-while-sheltering-at-home/

  1. Encouraging a “guys night” or “girls night out” virtual hangout for your partner to connect with their friends outside of doing everything as a couple. 
  2. Taking the lead when you notice your partner is having an off day. Perhaps, utilizing a form of affection that resonates with them and sharing your appreciation/love/gratitude with your partner.
  3. To me, this strategy feels in close proximity to the previous one. Not keeping score when your partner makes a mistake.
  4. Granted, it is a little more than a simple act, but designing an at-home date night can go a long way. With so many restaurants offering meal kits of their popular dishes, to adapt to COVID in their own way, this can be a thoughtful and fun way to enjoy a favorite dish in a new way.

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