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Morning and Loss

Resilience, our emotional muscle.

Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity or significant stress. It is not the absence of discomfort during adversity or significant stress. Instead, it is what helps us navigate the unforeseen without being overwhelmed by discomfort. While adversity...read more


Doomscrolling: How it might increase anxiety

I unlock my phone and instantly forget why I unlocked it in the first place. Instinctually I dive into social media and start scrolling. Bad news, more bad news, meme, more bad news, scrolls faster, and still more bad...read more


Working, while parenting and other stuff, from home.

For most, the fantasy of working from home differs significantly from the reality of what they have experienced. The past few months highlight the importance of the commonly used phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our...read more


Stress sucks. So whether you dance or boogie, keep it moving.

Quite frankly, feeling stressed out sucks. At an optimal level, which is different for everyone, stress can be a motivator to accomplish a task or institute change. However, feeling stressed out and experiencing constant stress is detrimental to our...read more

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Mental health and re-entering Coronavirus restrictions…

If I look back on all of my conversations regarding Coronavirus related quarantine or shelter-in-place, I can recall one instance where an introverted individual’s daily routine was not significantly impacted. Even then, there were impacts on their business and...read more