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Dr. Peter Gleiberman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Redondo Beach

Dr. Gleiberman, PSY 33347 holds a Master’s and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with more than ten years of experience working in mental health. During this time, Dr. Gleiberman has worked with a diverse range of teenagers, adults, and the elderly in individual therapy, as well as marriage and couple’s counseling. Through his experience, he has observed that depression, anxiety, or any feeling can be understood intellectually, but is experienced in unique ways depending on the individual’s experience. Although two people might share the same diagnosis, the goals and treatment are specific to the client’s specific needs and experiences. Dr. Gleiberman aims to understand the unique aspects of your experience and, together, you can work toward achieving the goals you set when initially deciding to seek therapy. As you experience positive change or life changes, you can set new objectives as your goals change.

Dr. Gleiberman’s practice focus

Healthymynds works with a diverse clientele on depression, anxiety, life events and changes, relationship problems, and desire for growth and change. Whether you are looking to address an issue that is actively causing discomfort, aim to proactively learn new ways to cope, or are looking to manage stress, Dr. Gleiberman offers a complimentary initial consultation to jointly determine the potential therapeutic fit.