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Providing therapy to patients in Redondo Beach

Our primary goal is the health and wellbeing of our clients. More valuable than any accolade or award is the progress they make and the kind words they have shared with us.

“Compassionate, caring, and consoling. Talking with Lysa is like talking with a dear friend. Her patient ear, keen memory, and relatable perspective helped me through a very challenging period of my life.”

“Lysa always made me feel comfortable to express my thoughts and feelings with her kind and gentle approach. After our sessions, I left at peace and confident to face my current challenge.”

“I had a very positive experience working with Dr. Eastman. We built excellent rapport and Dr. Eastman provided an empathetic, thoughtful and judgement-free counseling environment. She has my highest recommendation – I am a much happier, successful person for having worked with Dr. Eastman.”

“While under Dr. Eastman’s care, she went above and beyond to provide me with unconditional support and guidance, for when I was struggling with depression, anxiety and difficult life circumstances. Dr. Eastman helped me achieve a much healthier balance in life, all while imparting tools and lessons that would later help me cope with life’s difficulties.”

“Dr. Eastman helped my son with his severe anxiety. His anxiety was scary and paralyzing to the point that we had to pick him up from school and bring him home. She helped him identify his source of anxiety and develop a skill set to manage his anxiety without medication. She provided a safe environment for him to talk openly. We really enjoyed working with her.”

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