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Adult Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy, commonly referred to as ‘talk therapy”, is designed to help you understand and cope with overwhelming and distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If not experiencing distress, clients frequently look to work on living a more fulfilling life. Individual therapy can help you gain insight and give you hope and the tools to deal with life’s challenges. With dedication and hard work, you can experience growth and change.

Many types of psychotherapy are evidence-based meaning they are informed by the best available evidence that the therapy is efficacious and beneficial based on each individual patient’s characteristics, preferences, needs and problems. Psychotherapy is a way to help people with a broad range of emotional difficulties so they can function better and increase well-being and healing. Therapy is beneficial to manage challenges of daily life, the impact of trauma, medical illness, loss and mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

What is the therapeutic relationship (aka The Therapeutic Alliance)?

The therapeutic alliance is the term used to describe a collaborative working relationship between the client and the therapist. It is the bond that forms between you and your therapist including how you and your therapist connect, behave and engage. This bond is the foundation for achieving positive change.

A good therapeutic relationship has three essential elements: an emotional bond of trust, caring and respect; agreement on the goals of therapy; and collaboration on the work. Once formed, the alliance helps the patient to open up and allow the therapist to help the patient. A key element to the foundation of the therapeutic alliance is that therapy is confidential; what is shared in therapy stays between you and your therapist. Research shows that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client is one of the strongest predictors of successful treatment, no matter the type of therapy.

What can you expect from therapy?

The purpose of the therapy is to provide a safe, open and non-judgmental environment in which you can share intimate thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. As you gain insight into your problems and how to deal with life’s challenges you learn how to create positive growth and implement healthy changes to improve your life. Importantly, every patient receives a personalized approach to therapy based on their life stage, problems, and individual strengths.

Together we will explore the negative underlying beliefs, fears and habits that keep you stuck and prevent you from knowing your best self and from living your best life.

Therapeutic sessions are commonly held once a week for 50 minutes. Short term therapy will deal with immediate problems. Longer term therapy will deal with longstanding and complex issues. How long and how often you meet is decided between you and your therapist.

Our clinical psychologists at Healthymynds in Redondo Beach have diverse experience working with children, adolescents, and adults.

Your consultation

Before beginning treatment one of our clinical psychologists will conduct a complimentary initial consultation with you. The goal of the initial consultation is to get a better understanding of you, your history with what brings you to therapy, and what your needs are in therapy. We feel the fit between client and psychologist is extremely important, and the consultation is a great start for you to get a feel for Healthymynds and if we are a fit for your needs. Our goal is to work with you in a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and work toward flourishing.

When you are considering psychotherapy contact Healthymynds in Redondo Beach to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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