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Stress sucks. So whether you dance or boogie, keep it moving.

Posted on: July 9th, 2020 by Lysa Eastman

Quite frankly, feeling stressed out sucks. At an optimal level, which is different for everyone, stress can be a motivator to accomplish a task or institute change. However, feeling stressed out and experiencing constant stress is detrimental to our mental and physical health. Previously we shared articles looking at tips and tricks focusing on relationships and managing the stress and anxiety associated with decreased social contact during coronavirus. I found this article an easy read touching on the importance of maintaining our physical health during social distancing and increased working from home. Admittedly, this is not easy when gyms are closed, and there is a heightened risk in attending gyms that remain open. https://www.bustle.com/p/how-the-coronavirus-quarantine-can-affect-your-body-according-to-doctors-22845349

What I find this article lacking is practical suggestions on how to move and stay moving. It briefly touches on going for walks, dancing to a Spotify playlist, or working out to a live-streamed fitness class. Walks are great as they are, for the most part, easy and accessible. But, not everyone enjoys walks to get physical stress relief. And not everyone dances, some of us like to boogie.

Luckily, for most physical activities, we can figure out a way to practice that provides movement and some enjoyment. Although it does not replace the “real thing” it does keep us moving and in rhythm. We are based on the coast in Southern California, so here are some ideas that come to mind for everyday activities around us:

  • Practicing the mechanics of a swing: such as a golf, tennis, or baseball swing. First, at slow speeds to warm up and focus on correct mechanics while slowly building to “game speed” while maintaining proper form.
  • If you surf and the beaches have been closed, try skateboarding in a way that mimics your surf style and turns.
  • If you have a yard and enjoy gardening, take on a garden project that you previously put off.
  • Developing a stretching routine.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. But much like mental health, it is essential to pay attention to our physical health. Regardless of how you get moving, make sure to listen to your body while doing what works for you. If you still find yourself looking for more support to combat increased stress, you can contact us here: https://www.healthymynds.com/contact/

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