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Self-care check-in.

Posted on: June 15th, 2020 by Lysa Eastman

Self-care is one of those buzzwords that has been thrown around quite a bit the past few years. But what is self-care, and what does it look like? In short, it is the awareness of one’s needs and the act of meeting those needs. This is achieved through our own behaviors towards our self and the relationships we choose to engage. What makes it difficult for so many of us is that it is, mostly, maintained through internal motivation as, for most, there is little external accountability. The benefit of engaging in a healthy self-care routine is we ultimately remain open and available to ourselves and the relationships we value in our lives.

This article, written by Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., highlights four great questions to consider when checking in on one’s self:

  1. Are there changes I want to make?
  2. What activities bring me joy?
  3. Where can I add self-care to my busy schedule?
  4. How will self-care make me happier?


Finding time for, and the practice of self-care can be tricky or just easy to put off. We can help if you are looking to begin working on self-care to lower your stress or just feel better in general!  


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