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Zoom fatigue? What it is and how to beat it.

COVID, unfortunately, is still a thing. Trying to meet and maintain our social needs while simultaneously following CDC guidance for mitigation can feel like a losing battle. There has been a dramatic rise in the utilization of Zoom, Skype,...read more

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Mental health and re-entering Coronavirus restrictions…

If I look back on all of my conversations regarding Coronavirus related quarantine or shelter-in-place, I can recall one instance where an introverted individual’s daily routine was not significantly impacted. Even then, there were impacts on their business and...read more

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Relationships during the quarantine

COVID-19, and the resulting shelter-in-place, has thrust a majority of the world into spending almost the entirety of their days within their homes. The resulting constant close physical proximity to roommates, partners, and family adds stress to the already...read more