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Stress, anxiety, or feeling down? What is this telling me?

Sleep that is not restorative, headaches, irritability, a general sluggish feeling, or even nausea. I imagine these are all feelings that most people find unpleasant. Some might even immediately label them as signs of stress, anxiety, or feeling blue....read more

Morning and Loss

An Attitude of Gratitude: 1-2-3!

We frequently hear clients talking about wanting to be “grateful” or developing an “attitude of gratitude”. The practice of feeling grateful or having an attitude of gratitude is more than a catchy phrase. Rather, it helps prime us to...read more

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Coping Skills: Tips and Tricks for Between Sessions

For the most part, clients seek therapy when looking to address discomfort and increase coping skills, whether due to depression, anxiety, or in their relationships. We are biased, but this is a significant first step. For me, part of...read more