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The importance of a good night sleep

Now more than ever it is important to remain aware of maintaining awareness of what our mind and body need. We hear the importance of mask-wearing, social distancing, and washing our hands to protect ourselves and those around more

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Let’s face it, sitting all day is exhausting

I do not know about you, but since the pandemic began 9 months ago I have picked up some new aches and pains. Unlike an office, most of our homes are not set up with a dedicated office more


Helping our kids through remote learning

The past 8 months have been extremely difficult for the majority of people. One population that, even during the best of times, depends on stability and socialization are children and adolescents. For most, remote learning has been less more

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What do you need?

“Being depressed is exhausting,” NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold medalist, and NBA Champion Kevin Love. Depression, anxiety, and a panic attack did not care about his professional accomplishments or the wealth it brought him. Mental health is unbiased, and more

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An Attitude of Gratitude: 1-2-3!

We frequently hear clients talking about wanting to be “grateful” or developing an “attitude of gratitude”. The practice of feeling grateful or having an attitude of gratitude is more than a catchy phrase. Rather, it helps prime us more

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New to Therapy? How to Begin Therapy

How do you even begin therapy? This can be an intimidating question for someone that does not have previous therapy experience. We frequently receive inquiries where someone googled a search term and started going down the list making more